Page 16 - Kundalini.Preventing.the.Apocalypse
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Gopi Krishna however asks us to choose our emphasis, and decide which kind of 

world we want – one with all the scientific marvels and luxuries but also with crime, 
war, envy and hate; or rather a simpler, less luxurious, but more wholesome life in 

which we shall have a community where the real treasures are peace, happiness and 

love for every human man, woman and child.

To what extent we would have to give up all our machines is unclear at this point, 

but it is obvious to anybody with even the smallest degree of foresight, that the 

destruction of natural resources and creation of un-recyclable waste cannot continue 

indefinitely without making the world into a poisoned and barren wasteland for all.

So this again, would suggest we put moral and therefore traditionally religious 

values back at the top of our agenda. But now in the streets the born again Christians 
who says “Jesus loves you – come back to the Lord” are mocked or ignored, so 

considering the fact that Christ has been the major spiritual figure from the last two- 

thousand years influencing Western society, what hope for modern day, but lesser 

known promoters of spiritual ideals such as Gopi Krishna?

In such a case of religion having fallen into so wide public disrepute as we see 

now, how can one possibly expect a revival of religious and moral values and 


The answer is – religion and spirituality must be placed on a solid scientific 

foundation. This is the underlying task that Gopi Krishna set himself to do.

Blind faith and baseless belief cannot satisfy the modern Western or Eastern 

scientifically informed mind. Thus Gopi Krishna said that everything he ever wrote 

and spoke must be subjected to the greatest scrutiny and scientific investigation. The 

possible modes suggested by him for this investigation and research will be explored 

in the final chapter.

The issue to be emphasized here is that science has denied the significance of all 

the voluminous spiritual literature that has appeared profusely in every era and culture 

during the entire recorded history of man, and in one fell swoop has declared there is 

no god, nor plan nor purpose in human life, basing this dismissal almost entirely upon 

the Darwinian theories, which appeared in geological time only so very recently, as it 
were, “a few seconds before midnight” in the evolutionary history of our planet and 


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