Page 13 - Kundalini.Preventing.the.Apocalypse
P. 13

He underwent an inner transformation to what is popularly known as 

“enlightenment” or “cosmic consciousness”, and thereby became transformed from a 
lowly and anonymous civil servant in a backwater of India, to a globetrotting author 

who gave numerous talks around the world, and wrote around sixteen books exploring 

all the major strands of both ancient and modern spiritual, philosophical and scientific 

thought, answering all the arguments put forth by all and sundry - according to the 

theory of kundalini, a biological mechanism within the body, unknown to modern 

science, but mentioned in hundreds of spiritual texts since at least as far back as the 

Egyptian pre-Dynastic period, which started around 5,500 BC.

The long answer however must be that a different answer to the question must be 

put to thinkers of various kinds, whether with a scientific, philosophical or religious 
bent, and it will be the of the rest of this book to explore as many of these 
avenues as possible, with the goal of proving that at last we have a unifying principle, 

which can unite not only the warring religious factions, but more fundamentally can 

bring together the entire scientific and spiritual worlds of thought and belief 

conclusively, once and for all.

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