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Further, he pointed out that Nature is relentless in enforcement of its laws and 
programs, and that although persuasion may first be used, where man persistently 

offends against Nature’s grand plans severe force may be used where the rebellious 

nature of man cannot be tamed in any other way.

This is of course the same position as the prophets of the Old Testament, but Gopi 

Krishna’s point is that this is not the vain action of some judgmental, temperamental 

or whimsical “god”, but a direct consequence of uniform and irrevocable laws 

operating in Nature, which in time science will gradually discover.

But let us not diverge too far from the issue.

Where is the evidence for this claim of Gopi Krishna’s, that evolution is ongoing?

This cannot be answered fully in one sentence, because the question must be 

rephrased – what is the evidence that will satisfy any particular individual with his or 

her unique qualities of mind?

Some are it seems nowadays so welcoming of any new bizarre idea that they will 

literally believe anything - aliens visiting us from other galaxies, holy men and exotic 

Eastern magicians who can levitate or walk through walls, mediums and hypnotists 

who can tell us of or even lead us into alleged lives in centuries gone by, and psychic 

surgeons who can operate on our internal organs with their bare hands.

There is no end to the list of alleged miracles and wonders we can allow ourselves 

to be persuaded to believe in if we wish to perform our “suspension of disbelief” 

exercise, and cast our objective reason and commonsense aside.

And then at the other extreme we have the hardened materialists who deny God and 

all occult ideas, ironically as if their very lives depended upon it, which 

psychologically speaking may well be true - a theme we shall explore in a subsequent 

chapter in this work.

Such people will argue in the face of the most dramatic demonstration of any 

phenomena operating in a way against their current knowledge and belief, reaching 
for words and phrases such as “delusion”, “mass hypnosis”, “quackery”, “fraud”, and 

all other such terms which persuade them that there is nothing to know outside of their 

own typically very limited knowledge and life experience, which is in fact inevitably 

the lot of almost any individual man or woman who has ever lived.

So the simple answer to the question is - Gopi Krishna proved the truth of his 

theory by experiment upon and observation of his own life.

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