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Thus he set up various kundalini research groups whose aim was to promote and if 

possible themselves conduct a research program, though to date, this does not seem to 
have borne visible fruit, due to lack of the substantial funding required for such a 

properly conducted research program, the basic details of which will be described in 

Chapter Fourteen of this book.

Yet let us remember that many theories even proposed by famous scientists such as 

Stephen Hawking remain unproven. Lack of conclusive evidence does not necessarily 

mean a theory will not be heard or even accepted by the scientific community and the 

people in general.

So why have you likely never heard of Gopi Krishna or his sublime and supra- 

important theories of such human and planetary importance?

The answer is firstly, because he was not a trained and qualified scientist in the 

conventional sense, and thus there was no direct route to a public platform by which 

he could express his views.

He was only in fact able to get any attention for his work due to the aid of friends 

who had a pre-existing interest in “Eastern topics”, as for instance what he described 

as “the good fortune” of being supported by a then esteemed German scientist, Carl 

Friedrich Von Weiszacker, who wrote a long and respectful introduction to one of his 

earliest works, The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius (Harper & Row, 1971).

But the other reason for the very slow uptake of this truly revolutionary theory is 
that what he says goes hard against the grain of the mass of the currently held beliefs 

of both scientists and religious leaders, the two categories of persons who have 

dictated our opinions and beliefs on issues of life and death for so long.

As scientists themselves will admit, each time in history a new idea appears, it 

takes ages to bypass the walls of opposition from the various parties with vested 

interests, who wish to maintain the status quo. But unfortunately we are now living in 

a time requiring such urgent change, that the walls must crumble soon, or literally 

they may come tumbling down upon us all.

Gopi Krishna said, based on his awareness in the higher state of being he gained 
after arousal of this energy centre, that unbeknownst to our modern scientists, there is 

a “universal intelligence” working in Nature, which not only is not random, but has a 

very definite plan for everything in the cosmos including human beings.

He likewise said there are no accidents, which suggests a universe which is in fact 

utterly causal, and in that sense predetermined, so that in fact though we subjectively 

feel that we have free will, in objective terms we seemingly do not.

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