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Moreover, consequent to this awakening, he displayed a great literary ability, and 

became a voracious reader of both spiritual and secular texts, all of which traits were 
not visible in his youth, which had shown only a mediocre and middling academic 

performance up till that time.

Yet eventually he became the first major “spiritual figure” to study modern science 

and proposed a full scientific investigation of the phenomenon he himself had 

experience and for the first time in such fine detail had described.

Beyond the autobiographies he wrote around fifteen books in a short space of time, 
apparently handwrote an additional ten thousand pages yet to be published, and was 

able to speak in a most confident, authoritative and fluent manner to interested 

individuals, groups of laymen and scientists all around the world for the last few 

decades of his life.

Though never a celebrity in the modern sense, his renown amongst those who 

searched deeply for life’s deeper meaning, was such that he was able to attract the 

attention and correspondence of luminaries in physics such as quantum theory 

originator Niels Bohr and of highly respected and famed thinkers such as philosopher 

T. H. Huxley.

So this remarkable transformation in personality in itself would seem to require an 

However, further he explained that due to his transformation he now had an ability 

to see into the activities of what he called the kundalini mechanism in his interior, by 

virtue of an “inner luminosity” which accompanied this state of being he had gained, 

and he explained is in fact responsible for the term “enlightenment.”

Such a faculty of inner observation is of course at present believed to be outside of 

human potential as defined by our current modern science.

But let us recall that we all have the ability to sense what is going on inside us to a 
lesser or greater degree – by placing our mental attention upon any part of ourselves - 

so it may well be that what he describes is just a highly enhanced and refined version 

of our existing capacity in this respect.

Above all however, the theme of Gopi Krishna’s work is that this theory must be 

tested scientifically.

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