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unknowable essence of the whole; it is never the expression of the 


Just as one was getting to bed, there was that fullness of ill.** It 

was not only in the room but it seemed to cover the earth from 

horizon to horizon. It was a benediction.

The pressure, with its peculiar pain, was there all the morning. 

And it continues in the afternoon.

Sitting in the dentist's chair, one was looking out of the window, 

looking past the hedge, the TV antenna, the telegraph pole, at the 

purple mountains. One was looking not with eyes only but with 

one's whole head, as though from the back of the head, with one's 

entire being. It was an odd experience. There was no centre from 

which observation was taking place. The colours and the beauty 

and lines of the mountains were intense.

Every twist of thought must be understood; for all thought is 

reaction and any action from this can only increase confusion and 


24th The pressure and the pain was there all day yesterday; it is 

all becoming rather difficult. The moment one's by oneself, it 

begins. And desire for its continuance, any disappointment if it 

does not continue does not exist. It is simply there whether one 

wants it or not. It's beyond all reason and thought.

To do something for its own sake seems quite difficult and 

almost undesirable. Social values are based on doing something for 

the sake of something else. This makes for barren existence, a life 

which is never complete, full. This is one of the reasons of 

disintegrating discontent.

To be satisfied is ugly but to be discontented breeds hatred. To

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