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identification or denial.

Only when the brain is quiet can there be right observation. Can

the brain ever be quiet? It can when the brain, being highly 

sensitive, without the power of distortion, is negatively aware.

All the afternoon the pressure has been on.

22nd Woke up in the middle of the night and there was the 

experiencing of an incalculable expanding state of mind; the mind 

itself was that state. The "feeling" of this state was stripped of all 

sentiment, of all emotion, but was very factual, very real. This state 

continued for some considerable time - All this morning, the 

pressure and the pain has been acute.

Destruction is essential. Not of buildings and things but of all 

the psychological devices and defences, gods, beliefs, dependence 

on priests, experiences, knowledge and so on. Without destroying 

all these there cannot be creation. It's only in freedom that creation 

comes into being. Another cannot destroy these defences for you; 

you have to negate through your own self-knowing awareness.

Revolution, social, economic, can only change outer states and 

things, in increasing or narrowing circles, but it will always be 

within the limited field of thought. For total revolution the brain 

must forsake all its inward, secret mechanism of authority, envy, 

fear and so on.

The strength and the beauty of a tender leaf is its vulnerability 

to destruction. Like a blade of grass that comes up through the 

pavement, it has the power that can withstand casual death.

23rd Creation is never in the hands of the individual. It ceases 

entirely when individuality, with its capacities, gifts, techniques 

and so on, becomes dominant. Creation is the movement of the

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