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so on. The brain has developed from the primitive state and 

however refined, intelligent, technical, it will be within the 

confines of space-time.

Anonymity is humility; it does not lie in the change of name, 

cloth or with the identification with that which may be anonymous, 

an ideal, a heroic act, country and so on. Anonymity is an act of the 

brain, the conscious anonymity; there's an anonymity which comes 

with the awareness of the complete. The complete is never within 

the field of the brain or idea.

21st Woke up about two and there was a peculiar pressure and 

the pain was more acute, more in the centre of the head. It lasted 

over an hour and one woke up several times with the intensity of 

the pressure. Each time there was great expanding ecstasy; this joy 

continued - Again, sitting in the dentist's chair, waiting, suddenly 

the pressure began. The brain became very quiet; quivering, fully 

alive; every sense was alert; the eyes were seeing the bee on the 

window, the spider, the birds and the violet mountains in the 

distance. They were seeing but the brain was not recording them. 

One could feel the quivering brain, something tremendously alive, 

vibrant and so not merely recording. The pressure and the pain was 

great and the body must have gone off into a doze.

Self-critical awareness is essential. Imagination and illusion 

distort clear observation. Illusion will always exist, so long as the 

urge for the continuation of pleasure and the avoidance of pain 

exist; the demand for those experiences which are pleasurable to 

continue or be remembered; the avoidance of pain, suffering. Both 

these breed illusion. To wipe away illusion altogether, pleasure and 

sorrow must be understood, not by control or sublimation,

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