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to in the notebooks as the "benediction", the "otherness", 

"immensity". At no time did he take any- pain-killing drugs for 

"the process". He has never taken alcohol or any kind of drug. He 

has never smoked, and for the last thirty years or so he has not so 

much as drunk tea or coffee. Although a lifelong vegetarian, he has 

always been at great pains to ensure a plentiful and well-balanced 

diet. Asceticism is, to his way of thinking, as destructive of a 

religious life as overindulgence. Indeed he looks after "the

body" (he has always differentiated between the body and the ego) 

as a cavalry officer would have looked after his horse. He has 

never suffered from epilepsy or any of the other physical 

conditions that are said to give rise to visions and other spiritual 

phenomena; nor does he practise any "system" of meditation. All 

this is stated so that no reader should imagine that Krishnamurti's 

states of consciousness are, or ever have been, induced by drugs or 


In this unique daily record we have what may be called the well- 

spring of Krishnamurti's teaching. The whole essence of his 

teaching is here, arising from its natural source. Just as he himself 

writes in these pages that "every time there is something `new' in 

this benediction, a 'new' quality, a `new' perfume, but yet it is 

changeless", so the teaching that springs from it is never quite the 

same although often repeated. In the same way, the trees, 

mountains, rivers, clouds, sunlight, birds and flowers that he 

describes over and over again are forever "new" because they are 

seen each time with eyes that have never become accustomed to 

them; each day they are a totally fresh perception for him, and so 

they become for us.

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