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In June 1961 Krishnamurti began to keep a daily record of his 

perceptions and states of consciousness. Apart from about fourteen 

days he kept up this record for seven months. He wrote clearly, in 

pencil, and with virtually no erasures. The first seventy-seven 

pages of the manuscript are written in a small notebook; from then 

until the end (p. 323 of the manuscript) a larger, loose-leaf book 

was used. The record starts abruptly and ends abruptly. 

Krishnamurti himself cannot say what prompted him to begin it. 

He had never kept such a record before, nor has he kept one since.

The manuscript has received the minimum amount of editing. 

Krishnamurti's spelling has been corrected; a few punctuation 

marks have been put in for the sake of clarity; some abbreviations, 

such as the ampersand he invariably used, have been spelt out in 

full; some footnotes and a few interpolations in square brackets 

have been added. In all other respects the manuscript is presented 

here as it was written.

A word is needed to explain one of the terms used in it - "the 

process". In 1922, at the age of twenty-eight, Krishnamurti 

underwent a spiritual experience that changed his life and which 

was followed by years of acute and almost continuous pain in his 

head and spine. The manuscript shows that "the process", as he 

called this mysterious pain, was still going on nearly forty years 

later, though in a much milder form.

"The process" was a physical phenomenon, not to be confused 

with the state of consciousness that Krishnamurti variously refers

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