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looking, not with eyes only but with a thousand centuries; it was 

altogether a strange occurrence. The brain was completely empty, 

all reaction had stopped; during all those hours, one was not aware 

of this emptiness but only in writing it is the thing known, but this 

knowledge is only descriptive and not real. That the brain could 

empty itself is an odd phenomenon. As the eyes were closed, the 

body, the brain seemed to plunge into unfathomable depths, into 

states of incredible sensitivity and beauty. The passenger in the 

next seat began to ask something and having replied, this intensity 

was there; there was no continuity but only being. And dawn was 

coming leisurely and the clear sky was filling with light - As this is 

being written late in the day, with sleepless fatigue, that sacredness 

is there. The pressure and the strain too.

* The Ojai Valley, some eighty miles north of Los Angeles. 

** A house above Florence where he had stayed in April.

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