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silence; the brain was fully alert and intensely alive; the body was 

very quiet. This state lasted for about half an hour. This in spite of 

an exhausting day.

The height of intensity and sensitivity is the experiencing of 

essence. It's this that is beauty beyond word and feeling. Proportion 

and depth, light and shade are limited to time-space, caught in 

beauty-ugliness. But that which is beyond line and shape, beyond 

learning and knowledge, is the beauty of essence.

7th Woke up several times shouting. Again there was that 

intense stillness of the brain and a feeling of vastness. There has 

been pressure and strain.

Success is brutality. Success in every form, political and 

religious, art and business. To be successful implies ruthlessness.

8th Before going to sleep or just going off to sleep, several 

times there were groans and shouts. The body is too disturbed on 

account of travelling, as one leaves tonight for London [via Los 

Angeles]. There is a certain amount of pressure and strain.

9th As one sat in the aeroplane amidst all the noise, smoking 

and loud talking, most unexpectedly, the sense of immensity and 

that extraordinary benediction which was felt at il L., that 

imminent feeling of sacredness, began to take place. The body was 

nervously tense because of the crowd, noise, etc. but in spite of all 

this, it was there. The pressure and the strain were intense and there 

was acute pain at the back of the head. There was only this state 

and there was no observer. The whole body was wholly in it and 

the feeling of sacredness was so intense that a groan escaped from 

the body and passengers were sitting in the next seats. It went on 

for several hours, late into the night. It was as though one was

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