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movement, no stirring, complete emptiness of all thought, of all 

seeing. There's no interpreter to translate, to observe, to censor. An 

immeasurable vastness that is utterly still and silent. There is no 

space, nor time to cover that space. The beginning and the ending 

are here, of all things. There is really nothing that can be said about 


The pressure and the strain have been going on quietly all day; 

only now they have increased.

2nd The thing which happened yesterday, that immeasurable 

still vastness, went on all the evening, even though there were 

people and general talk. It went on all night; it was there in the 

morning. Though there was rather exaggerated, emotionally 

agitated talk, suddenly in the middle of it, it was there. And it's 

here, there's a beauty and a glory and there's a sense of wordless 


The pressure and the strain began rather early.

3rd Been out all day. All the same, in a crowded town in the 

afternoon, for two or three hours the pressure and the strain of it 

was on.

4th Been busy, but in spite of it, the pressure and the strain of it 

was there in the afternoon.

Whatever actions one has to do in daily life, the shocks and the 

various incidents should not leave their scars. These scars become 

the ego, the self, and as one lives, it becomes strong and its walls 

almost become impenetrable.

5th Been too busy but whenever there's some quiet, the pressure 

and the strain was on.

6th Last night woke up with that sense of complete stillness and

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