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setting sun and that very light and colour filled the heavens with 


It was uniquely alone, not isolated but alone, like a drop of rain 

which holds all the waters of the earth. It was neither joyous nor 

sad but alone. It had no quality, shape or colour; these would make 

it something recognizable, measurable. It came like a flash and 

took seed. It did not germinate but it was there in its entirety. There 

was no time to mature; time has roots in the past. This was a 

rootless, causeless state. So it is totally "new", a state that has not 

been and never will be, for it is living.

Isolation is known and so is loneliness; they are recognizable 

for they have often been experienced, actually or in imagination. 

The very familiarity of these breeds certain self-righteous contempt 

and fear from which arises cynicism and gods. But self-isolation 

and loneliness do not lead to aloneness; they must be finished with, 

not in order to gain something, but they must die as naturally as the 

withering away of a gentle flower. Resistance breeds fear but also 

acceptance. The brain must wash itself clean of all these cunning 


Unrelated to all these twists and turns of self-contaminated 

consciousness, wholly different is this immense solitude. In it all 

creation takes place. Creation destroys and so it is ever the 


All the evening of yesterday, this solitude was and is there, and 

on waking in the middle of the night it sustained itself.

The pressure and the strain continue, increasing and decreasing 

in continuous waves. It's pretty bad today, during the afternoon.

July 1st It's as though everything stood still. There's no

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