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28th Woke up in the middle of the night shouting and groaning;

the pressure and the strain, with its peculiar pain, was intense. It 

must have been going on for some time and it went on for some 

time after waking up. The shouting and groaning take place quite 

often. These do not take place from indigestion. Sitting in the 

dentist's chair, while waiting, the whole thing began again and is 

going on, in the afternoon, as this is being written. It is more 

noticeable when one is alone or in some beautiful place or even in 

a dirty, noisy street.

That which is sacred has no attributes. A stone in a temple, an 

image in a church, a symbol is not sacred. Man calls them sacred, 

something holy to be worshipped out of complicated urges, fears 

and longings. This "sacredness" is still within the field of thought; 

it is built up by thought and in thought there's nothing new or holy. 

Thought can put together the intricacies of systems, dogmas, 

beliefs, and the images, symbols, its projects are no more holy than 

the blueprints of a house or the design of a new aeroplane. All this 

is within the frontiers of thought and there is nothing sacred or 

mystical about all this. Thought is matter and it can be made into 

anything, ugly - beautiful.

But there's a sacredness which is not of thought, nor of a feeling 

resuscitated by thought. It is not recognizable by thought nor can it 

be utilized by thought. Thought cannot formulate it. But there's a 

sacredness, untouched by any symbol or word. It is not 

communicable. It is a fact.

A fact is to be seen and the seeing is not through the word. 

When a fact is interpreted, it ceases to be a fact; it becomes

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