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can't exactly put one's finger on it but there's an "odd: insistency, 

drive; it's in no way self-created, bred out of imagination. It is 

palpable when one's quiet, alone, under a tree or in a room; it is 

there most urgently as one's about to go off to sleep. It's there as 

this is being written, the pressure and the strain, with its familiar 


Formulation and words about all this seem so futile; words 

however accurate, however clear the description, do not convey the 

real thing.

There's a great and unutterable beauty in all this. There is only 

one movement in life, the outer and the inner; this movement is 

indivisible, though it is divided. Being divided, most follow the 

outer movement of knowledge, ideas, beliefs, authority, security, 

prosperity and so on. In reaction to this, one follows the so-called 

inner life, with its visions, hopes, aspirations, secrecies, conflicts, 

despairs. As this movement is a reaction, it is in conflict with the 

outer. So there is contradiction, with its aches, anxieties and 


There is only one movement, which is the outer and the inner. 

With the understanding of the outer, then the inner movement 

begins, not in opposition or in contradiction. As conflict is 

eliminated, the brain, though highly sensitive and alert, becomes 

quiet. Then only the inner movement has validity and significance.

Out of this movement there is a generosity and compassion 

which is not the outcome of reason and purposeful self-denial.

The flower is strong in its beauty as it can be forgotten, set aside 

or destroyed.

The ambitious do not know beauty. The feeling of essence is

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