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There is only destruction and no change. For all change is a 

modified continuity of what has been. All social, economic 

revolutions are reactions, a modified continuation of that which has 

been. This change does not in any way destroy the roots of 

egocentric activities.

Destruction, in the sense we are using the word, has no motive; 

it has no purpose which implies action for the sake of result. 

Destruction of envy is total and complete; it implies the freedom 

from suppression, control, and without any motive whatsoever.

This total destruction is possible; it lies in seeing the total 

structure of envy. This seeing is not in space-time but immediate. 

26th The pressure and the strain of it was there, very strongly,

yesterday afternoon and this morning. Only there was a certain 

change; the pressure and the strain were from the back of the head, 

through the palate to the top of the head. A strange intensity 

continues. One has to be quiet only for it to begin.

Control in any form is harmful to total understanding. A 

disciplined existence is a life of conformity; in conformity there is 

no freedom from fear. Habit destroys freedom; habit of thought, 

habit of drinking and so on makes for a superficial and dull life. 

Organized religion with its beliefs, dogmas and rituals denies the 

open entry into the vastness of mind. It is this entry that cleanses 

the brain of space-time. Being cleansed, the brain can then deal 

with time-space.

27th That presence which was at il I. was there, waiting 

patiently, benignly, with great tenderness. It was like the lightning 

on a dark night but it was there, penetrating, blissful.

Something strange is happening to the physical organism. One

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