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be virtuous in order to gain heaven or the approval of the 

respectable, of society, makes of life a barren field which has been 

ploughed over and over again but has never been sown. This 

activity of doing something for the sake of something else is in 

essence an intricate series of escapes, escapes from oneself, from 

what is.

Without experiencing the essence there is no beauty. Beauty is 

not merely in the outward things or in inward thoughts, feelings 

and ideas; there is beauty beyond this thought and feeling. It's this 

essence that is beauty. But this beauty has no opposite.

The pressure continues and the strain is at the base of the head 

and it's painful.

25th Woke up in the middle of the night and found the body 

perfectly still, stretched out on its back, motionless; this position 

must have been maintained for some time. The pressure and the 

pain were there. The brain and the mind were intensely still. There 

was no division between them. There was a strange quiet intensity, 

like two great dynamos working at great speed; there was a 

peculiar tension in which there was no strain. There was a sense of 

vastness about the whole thing and a power without direction and 

cause and so no brutality and ruthlessness. And it continued during 

the morning.

During the past year or so, one would wake up, to experience, in 

wakened state, what had been going on while asleep, certain states 

of being. It is as though one woke up merely for the brain to 

register what was going on. But curiously, the particular 

experience would fade away quite soon. The brain was not putting 

it away in its scrolls of memory.

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