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increasing life force) while the Japanese and Koreans call it ki, (Reiki, healing life 

force). In the Indian and Tibetan traditions it is identified as prana. The Christian 
tradition may name the life force sanctifying grace or grace, practitioners of new age 

spirituality refer to this field as the light or the white light, and to the physicist, it‟s 

known as the sub-atomic or quantum field. As you move among numbers of people 
going about their business in any large city, you can notice and identify many of those 

who are suffering from a diminished access to the life force. It shows in their state of 

health, their sense of openness and self confidence and even the way they relate to 
others and carry themselves. We must all access the life force fully and completely to 

maximize it‟s benefits to our daily existence and our chakra system is the vehicle that 
has been beautifully designed to fulfil this function.

Chakra, is a Sanskrit word that translates as “a spinning disc” or “a wheel.” It is one 

of many human names for what is perceived to be a bio-physical connection to our 
soul or spirit. These energy connections or chakras exist in that the soul or spirit is 

immersed in the physical body and mingles throughout. At present we each have 

seven of these energy connections that are woven into our body‟s meridian centres 
with some lying along the spine. These centres are similar in function to the junction 

box found in the electrical system of a home or office. Likewise our physical body is 

controlled through a vastly complicated neuro-electrical circuitry, with a number of 
special locations where these circuits converge. Each of these locations is monitored 

through a special mini neuro-computer connected through the central nervous system 

to the brain. It is these specific locations that are called chakras and each fulfils a 
number of functions. As well there are also several ductless glands associated with the 

functioning of each chakra point. Since the vibratory field of light also activates 
colour and tone, each of the chakra centres produces its own specific colour and 



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