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The Chakra System The Chakra System

We live in a universe propelled by the laws of electricity and magnetism and all third 

dimensional life forms within it reflect this. Our stars and planets (geo-magnetic life 

forms) all have a north pole and a south pole with magnetic lines of force flowing 
between them. Our human bodies (bio-magnetic life forms) also conform to this bi- 

polar magnetic field, with the top of our head reflecting our north pole and the soles 
of our feet the south pole. In a third dimensional representation, these lines of force 

moving between our head and feet completely encompass the body within an etheric 

structure known as a tube torus. Imagine this donut shaped energetic field extending 
all around your body. It is called your aura.

Have you noticed that when meeting another person for the first time you may be 
instinctively drawn to them? This could be evidence that both of your auras are 

vibrating in sympathetic resonance. The same would be true when the presence of 

another feels uncomfortable. Perhaps the magnetic energies in your auras are repelling 
each other. At the centre of each bi-polar magnetic field is a magnetic core running 

from north to south. In the case of a simple bar magnet it is a magnetized piece of 
metal. In the case of the bio-magnetic human body it is a channel, only observable in 

subtle matter, called the pranic tube. Within this core the life force is carried to sustain 

each individual creation during its existence.

Every spiritual tradition identifies and acknowledges the life force, that great field of 

potential that gives rise to and then sustains each and all in existence from moment to 

moment. In Chinese spiritual teachings the life force is called chi, (Tai Chi meaning


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