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3. Mantras and Affirmations 3. Mantras and Affirmations

antra and the breath meditation are the two most widely used meditation practices 
worldwide. Eastern meditation practices have frequently employed the use of a 

mantra to bring oneself into alignment with higher states of consciousness. Mantras 

are sacred syllables or words, generally in Sanskrit, which are repeated over and over 
to hold the focus of one‟s awareness. Some mantras have no meaning at all as the 

sound quality of the words is the most important aspect. Two of these common 

mantras are OM and SOHAM. The latter is pronounced SoHummmm, repeated 
slowly, silently and continually in your mind. SOHAM can be linked to your breath: 

SO to the inbreath, HAM to the outbreath. It translates to “I am That” with “that” 

referring to your consciousness or awareness. This form of meditation is to simply sit 
with eyes closed and to silently repeat the mantra at a regular conversational speed 

while the breath remains normal.

Affirmations are phrases, selected and repeated over and over again during 

meditation. As we are often suggestible when we deeply relax during meditation, 
affirmations usually produce positive results. The most powerful affirmation should 

always begin with the words I AM. Some suggestions for affirmations might include:


I AM filled with vibrant good health.

I AM creating a positive and happy life.

I AM loving and fulfilled in all my relationships.

I AM forgiving and compassionate.

I AM one with the Great Creator and all of Its creations.

I AM enjoying financial abundance.

I AM happy and at peace.

I AM willing to make changes, to be open to something new and better. 

I give myself permission to truthfully express my feelings.

Divine love and light are working through me now.

Those beginning meditation often find mantra and affirmation meditation very 
satisfying. You may enjoy creating your own mantras or affirmations to suit your 

special spiritual needs at the time or to assist you in working through a particular 

difficulty or problem. To add variety to your meditation practice you may choose to 
incorporate two or three techniques in the same meditation: breath awareness, 

visualization and a mantra or affirmation of your choice. Use whatever holds your 

focused awareness, as even in meditation variety can be the spice of life.


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