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2. Using Visualization to focus Awareness 2. Using Visualization to focus Awareness

ome people visualize easily. They may find breath awareness uninteresting and may 
instead enjoy imagining a beautiful object or recalling a deeply loved face. 

Visualization in meditation is another technique to hold the focused awareness and 

can work on several different levels: imagery, emotion and bodily response.

One can begin by evoking an image, perhaps one that arises spontaneously. It could 

be an object, a peaceful landscape or something personal. Try to recall its shape, 
colour and texture with as much sensory detail as possible. Next notice the 

accompanying emotion that fits this particular image. An image that evokes this 
subtlety of emotion will grasp your attention more fully. When you fully enter the 

emotional state accompanying the image, your body will believe it is really there. 

(Try this exercise for ten seconds: first imagine that you are alone in a snowstorm, 
without wearing any coat or hat. Then switch the scene for another ten seconds, 

visualizing yourself enjoying a warm bath in the sunshine). In the first scene your 

body will contract and in the second you will feel it begin to expand.

When you have selected your meditation object and moved yourself into the 

emotional response it triggers, just hold it in your awareness and enjoy the smell, 
taste, touch or sound of it. When your mind drifts away from the object bring it back 

again gently.

A Light Body Visualization A Light Body Visualization

See your body slowly fill with light.

Breathe light into every cell as you see, feel and direct it.

Imagine that every cell is being renewed, is being made healthy and whole. 

If part of your body is in pain, bathe it with light.

When your entire body is filled with light, visualize this light radiating from

your body as far as the inner eye can see.

My Point of Power Meditation My Point of Power Meditation

Relax, close your eyes and try to sense within yourself the source of power from 

which your own breathing and life energies come. When you feel this source within 

yourself sense the power flowing outward through your entire physical being, through 
your fingertips and toes, through the pores of your body, in all directions with 

yourself as the center. Imagine these rays undiminished, reaching out through the 
foliage and clouds above, down through the center of the earth below and extending 

even to the furthest reaches of the universe.


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