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Three Meditation Techniques Three Meditation Techniques

1. Breath Awareness 1. Breath Awareness

Once you have moved into your quiet inner space and experienced a sense of 

relaxation, the physical side of the meditation equation is complete. However the 
mental side, one that requires us to remain focused and aware, will take some 

practice. If you are a meditation beginner you will notice how your busy thoughts 

begin to intrude, jumping back and forth, crying out for your attention. Observe this 
chatter of the ego in a non-judgemental way for a short time and notice that these 

thoughts are usually unrelated and are very brief. They generally last only for the 

duration of an in-breath or an out-breath. Next focus on your breathing by taking in a 
breath gently through the nostrils, hold it briefly and then exhaling it. It works best if 

you use your nose for meditation breathing, unless the nose is blocked.

Now hold your awareness on your breath and let successive breaths become soft and 

regular. Observe your breathing and carry your awareness from the in-breath, across 

the space before you exhale. If you can cross the space between in and out-breaths 
you will probably not carry any chattering thoughts along with you. If your thoughts 

continue to intrude keep them in the background and let the breath become your 
focus. Maintain your breathing, moving in a steady and gentle rhythm. Used in this 

way breathing is a device to hold and focus the awareness of your mind during 


A Simple Mini Meditation, „Follow the Breath‟ A Simple Mini Meditation, „Follow the Breath‟

Take slow gentle breaths in and out. Feel the breath as it moves and follow it with 

your mind. Focus only on your breath – nothing else. You can breathe and notice the 

breath at the same time. Finish this meditation by moving into the still silence within. 
Rest here without thinking. Just enjoy being.

Relaxed Breathing 
Relaxed Breathing

Open the chest with two or three big sighs. 

Now let the breath go – no control at all. 
Don‟t try to breathe deeply

Let the breath do what it wants to.

Say the words „let..go..‟ as you breathe
Feel the breath and your body gradually soften. 

Feel your mind slow down and settle in your body


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