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blood pressure rises and it often becomes more difficult to concentrate in this 

physiological state. Listening to Baroque and Mozart pieces as well as Gregorian 
Chant, cool jazz, relaxing new age pieces and some popular music will automatically 

reduce your blood pressure and pulse rate, while increasing your learning ability at the 

same time. This also becomes more effective when the volume level is tuned in the 
low to medium range.

Why not experiment yourself with the Mozart Effect? While experiencing the 
healthful effects of this music you will also reap the added bonus of its sheer 

aesthetic enjoyment. All of it is so beautiful and uplifting. And once you learn when 

your mind needs stimulation or relaxation you can develop a variety of ways to use 
the music to your best advantage. So relax, dream, meditate and enjoy the healing 

powers of music.

Below are several attractive and beneficial CDs to help you get started.

„Music for the Mozart Effect” CD volume I is entitled, Heal the Mind
“Music for the Mozart Effect” CD volume II is entitled, Heal the Body

There are a further three CDs now available in the „Music for the Mozart Effect‟ 

series, from the classical music departments of all good record shops.

About the Author About the Author

Mary Mageau is an Australian spiritual teacher and author. Her meditation classes 

have been conducted at the Queensland University of the Third Age and for The Pine 
Rivers Community Education Programs. She regularly contributes articles to spiritual 

and metaphysical journals, web sites and leading magazines in Australia, the United 

States, Singapore and New Zealand. Her two books published by Boolarong Press 
include: Insights – For an Awakening Humanity and A Little Book of Living 

Spiritually. Grevillea Records has produced her audio CD entitled, Journey Into 
Meditation. Mary has also written several additional free e-books. Click on:



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