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major religious feasts such as Easter and Wesak. Global meditations tend to follow 

two formats: the world wide gathering at a specific time of a particular day and the 
twenty four hour „wave‟ meditation.

When a massed gathering with a huge impact is desired, a particular intention, day 
and hour in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is nominated for the occasion. It is a fact, 

scientifically tested and measured, that when a group of people in their thousands 

simultaneously focuses upon and holds the same thought intention, the planetary field 
(as it is measured from the increasing cycles per second of the Schumann Cavity 

Resonance Level), experiences a higher atomic vibration and a consciousness raising 

shift. Barbara Wolf‟s excellent web site offers one of the most complete listings of 
global meditations, in which you can participate either with a group or alone in the 

privacy of your own home. Visit:

During a wave meditation the initial impact is lessened but its effects are spun out 

over a much longer time frame. Each person participating focuses on „noon‟ for 
example in the time zone they find themselves in. As the sun passes over continents, 

oceans etc. at high noon, the meditation wave encircles the globe for a full day.

The Peace Clock Wave Meditation The Peace Clock Wave Meditation

tarting Now: Wherever you are perform a brief silent meditation for world peace - 

every day at noon - for one minute. Silently repeat the following intention, “MAY 

The Goal: To have every person on earth performing this event by the end of 
the year 2012.

Synchronized Intention is the Key

With an alarm, a note or any other means, remind yourself when it is noon in 

your time zone.
Involve the active participation of your company, school, city, state or nation. 

Request that radio, TV and newspapers broadcast the Peace Clock daily. 

Approach all interactions with others in peaceful, constructive and creative 

Already the critical mass of humanity has chosen global peace instead of war and with 

our continual holding of this focus, by attending or participating in peace marches, 

group meditations and related activities, ultimately global peace will prevail.


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