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Prana – Breathing Prana – Breathing

While either sitting or standing begin to relax fully. Take several quiet breaths while 

slowly closing your eyes and then imagine or visualize your pranic tube. It begins 

above your crown chakra in the higher dimensions, flows down through your body 
along the spine, then grounds itself into the planet beneath your feet. Touch the tip of 

your thumb and second finger together and make a circle. Your pranic tube is 
approximately the size of this space.

As you breathe in visualize the celestial pranic energy coming down into your tube 
and through your body into the earth. Hold it briefly then exhale. On the next inbreath 

draw earthly prana up from the planet through your body and exhale this out through 

the tube at your crown. Practice this several times until you clearly sense the flow of 
pranic energy or life force.

Next, on the inbreath draw prana simultaneously both up and down your pranic tube, 
holding the prana in your heart, then exhale it gently. Finally draw prana into your 

body, holding it in your heart chakra then sensing it move throughout the body 

completely as you exhale. The life force will truly flow into your entire body, 
energizing and revivifying you. This will be achieved through the law of attention as, 

“Energy always follows awareness.”

If you experience a sudden stress or a deeply disturbing event withdraw, focus 

yourself and enjoy a short period of prana breathing. A few deep quiet breaths will 

totally rebalance and restabilise you.

Illustration copyright 1998, Honolulu Church of Light. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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