Page 9 - 3rd testament
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The universe is an eternal, ininite living being

The triune principle – Symbols Nos. 8, 9 and 10

Life is formed as a universal, eternal principle which is the same everywhere. 

God and the eternal children of God share the same basic analysis – an eternal 

triune principle. When we know ourselves, we experience ourselves as one with 

the total eternal and ininite living universe, that is to say, God. The circle form 

symbolises that God and the sons of God are eternally united.

The white circle

Symbolizes this I – our eternal innermost essence and ixed point. It is the originator 

of all creation and change in the universe. God is to be found in everything and 

reveals Himself through everything. The eternal I is symbolized here with a circle. 

We all have the same Father. We, all without exception, live, move and have our 

being in God.

The violet disk

In the same way as the holes in a spherical shaped lampshade spread one and the 

same light in many rays, the mother energy (violet) appears to divide up ’the one’ 

(eternal and ininite) into ’the many’ (time and space).

The coloured circle

Symbolizes the eternally created, and eternally changing temporal in life. Here are 

consciousness and the material world.


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