Page 8 - 3rd testament
P. 8

All living beings are immortal

The living being 1 – Symbol No. 6

”Behind” our physical organism is to be found the 

invisible consciousness, that is to say, our thoughts, 

feelings and conceptions. The consciousness is 

regulated by wishes, desire and will. Behind these is tit
to be found life itself, our eternal ininite I.

The Creator

The eternal living part of us is not material. It is not composed of smaller parts, as 

is all that is created and transitory. It is indivisible, unlimited and eternal. The white 

triangle at the top symbolizes the source of the created – our innermost creator.

The creative ability

The eternal ability of the I to make visible its unlimited nature in time and space 

is symbolized by the violet area in the middle.

The created

The lowest part with the vertical colored ields symbolizes our temporal tools for 

experiencing, that is to say, our organism and consciousness, which we develop 

from life to life. The created is by nature primarily of a spiritual, the physical body is 

just a temporary tool for the experiencing of life in the material world. We live thus 

in two worlds, but are at the moment only conscious in one – the physical world. 

When we sleep we experience primarily on the spiritual plan, when we are awake 

primarily on the physical plan. The upper parts of the symbol indicate in The Third 

Testament the superconsciousness and the lower part the subconsciousness, which 

consists of day- and night-consciousness.

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