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From belief to knowledge

The purpose of The Third Testament is to raise the great questions about 

life out of the hazy area of belief into personal experience and wellfoun- 

ded knowledge. The basic premise of the work is that the mystery of life 

can be explained scientiically.

Spiritual science describes the world of thought

This is no traditionally scientiic explanation of the mystery of life. What is 

analysed is above all the consciousness that invisibly governs everything. 

The world of thought plays a much more signiicant role in our lives than 

we normally imagine.

An inner journey of discovery

A study of The Third Testament offers an enormous journey of discovery 

into our inner world. By means of logical chains of thought, we are guided 

out of the transitory world of matter into the innermost wellspring of life. 

Here we discover that we are all immortal and that our innermost self is 

eternal and ininite. We discover that we all share the same vital core. We 

discover that everything around us is living, whether “down” in microcos- 

mos or “up” in macrocosmos.

Before our eyes we watch in amazement as the universe is transformed 

from a mass of dead matter, governed by pure chance, into something 

that we can sense as an all-embracing, living, thinking organism, which 

has existed in all eternity. We discover that all of us in all eternity live, 

move and have our being within this organism. We discover the laws of 

love that guarantee this living, conscious organism’s eternal life. We begin 

to be able to see our short life on Earth in the perspective of eternity.

The eternal questions about life

The title: “The Third Testament” can of course cause surprise. What are 

the two other testaments of which The Third Testament is a continuation? 

Once this has become clear we can see straight away what topics are under 

discussion. A continuation of The Old and The New Testaments will naturally 

deal with the eternal questions, Who am I?, Where have I come from? and 

Where am I going to?. It should provide an explanation of the periods of 

suffering in life and thereby clarify the road to harmony and happiness.

– But who can with justiication be called upon to write a continuation of 

the Bible? It can only be someone who like Christ has irsthand knowledge 

of the eternal questions.

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