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The ive-pointed star symbolizes the religious principle whereby God guides humans 

from these conditions to universal love, via humane religions (the yellow ield) and 

eventually the pure spiritual science (white ield). We see already many humane 

results of this process – welfare, art, architecture, literature, science and technology 

(the circle’s blue colored ield).

The way to the kingdom of peace 3: 

The united states of the world, 

“one shepherd and one lock”

s I
The perfect human kingdom of the future nu
– Symbol No. 26

The goal of evolution on the Earth

Through the teachings of Christianity we have learnt about “a new heaven and 

a new Earth”; that a peaceful and loving kingdom shall arise on the Earth.

The Third Testament conirms that this will happen – not miraculously from the 

one day to the next, but via gradual evolution.

In the coming perfect kingdom of love on Earth the nations have become regions 

each with their distinctive character (the green ields). Previous religious ideas 

(yellow and orange) have been replaced by the knowledge of God and the course 

of evolution (white color). This knowledge unites humanity in all their differences 

and is therefore the spiritual foundation for the kingdom of love on Earth.

The world government (the yellow sun) will initially be supervised by the highest 

representatives in their own special ield of competence, being chosen by free 

election. Eventually this government can be made up of cosmic conscious beings 

(the blue star).

Other factors include:

• Disarmament. With a one world state all challenges become of an internal political 

nature. At the start a world police force will guarantee internal law and order.


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