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A state of inspiration that expands the consciousness

This balanced mental state is in the process of developing in everyone. In 

moments of light and harmony a state of inspiration can come about in, for 

example, authors, scientists, musicians and composers etc. New ideas can 

lood into their consciousness, enabling them to envisage the whole literary 

work, musical composition or scientiic discovery in its inished form.

When humane human beings least of all expect it, they can also have mo- 

mentary glimpses of the spiritual dimension and of eternal realities. In an 

instant the solution to a spiritual problem can fall into place or the person 

can have an experience of God. Such experiences of course have the effect 

of being extremely vitalising and motivating.

The wise beings of the past, for example, Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mo- 

hammed were all to a greater or lesser extent consciously in contact with 

this state of inspiration, and it formed the basis of their immortal words 

and observations. The same source of inspiration forms the basis of the 

spiritual science that we are able to study in The Third Testament.

Cosmic consciousness or “the Holy Spirit”

We are all proceeding towards the goal of cosmic consciousness. Through 

glimpses of intuitive experiences a completely limitless horizon of the 

consciousness will gradually open up. This state is described in biblical con- 

texts as “the Holy Spirit”. “Holy” is another word for true. “Spirit” means 

thoughts and ideas. “Holy Spirit” quite simply means true thoughts and 

ideas about the very highest things: an explanation about the mystery of 

life, in other words, an understanding of our relationship to God and 

our neighbour.

Does The Third Testament really contain such thoughts? Well, that is a 

question for the student to answer for him or herself.

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