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The spirit of God upon the face of 

the waters

The spirit of God upon the face of the waters 

– Symbol No. 1

God’s almighty and all-loving consciousness permeates 

throughout the universe with its perfect manifestation tu
and creation (the blazing cross). The universe is living  I
and thinking! Everything is pervaded with life and Mar
thought. These thoughts appear as cosmic world

impulses, which provide the foundation for different cultural epochs. The double 

circle symbolizes the Earth and its peoples. It is in contact with three cosmic thought 

or world impulses:

Lowermost – primitive human beings’ consciousness and culture.

Middle – the next impulse gives nourishment to people who are at the stage of 

being believers and stimulates the cultural manifestations of humanity during that 

period. The traditional understanding of the Old and the New Testament belong to 

this old world impulse.

Topmost – materialistic and spiritual science, internationalism, modern art, 

architecture, technique and music as well as unhappy marriages, mental illness, 

sexual abnormalities and political upheavals are witness to a steadily accelerating 

process of spiritual evolution – at the start marked by irreligiousness.

But this materialism is only an initial phenomenon. With neighbourly love’s 

intellectual basis in the form of spiritual science, the conlict between belief and 

science will gradually disappear and humanity will again, with its hearts as well as 

its reason, have contact with the spiritual side of life.


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