Page 17 - 3rd testament
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The process of reincarnation

The act of copulation or the spirit of God in the darkness – Symbol No. 34

It was not easy for people of earlier times to 

understand the idea of reincarnation.

In the Bible we can read for example that 

Nicodemus asked Jesus the question: “How can 

a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a 

second time into his mother’s womb and be 

born?” It took thousands of years before humans 

were suficiently mature intellectually to be able 

to accept such analyses.

The large circles at the bottom of the symbol ut
symbolize a man, on the left, and a woman, on s I
the right, at the culmination of the act of rti
copulation. During this temporary experience of

bliss (the blazing ire) the partners are on the wavelength with the higher 

vibrations of the spiritual plane. This creates a contact (the indigo lines) with an 

individual on the spiritual plane (topmost circle) whose fate its in with these 

parents. The condition of falling in love brightens the sphere of darkness and 

guarantees at the same time rebirth into it.

This condition creates however conlict and rivalry for possession of the opposite sex. 

For an out-and-out male or female being universal love is organically impossible. Real 

neighbourly love is not a question of will, but concerns the being’s sympathetic talent.

Christ is the example of the perfect loving and forgiving state. Despite his extreme 

suffering on the cross he could pray for his executioners: “forgive them for they know 

not what they do” (Luke 23:34). The ability to love one’s neighbour regardless of 

gender rests upon an organic foundation – on the correlation between the masculine 

and feminine poles of the living being. There are cosmic causes behind sexuality, with 

its paths and detours forward to the state of being a inished human being.


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