Page 16 - 3rd testament
P. 16

s I

The eternal now

The fate arcs of the living being – Symbol No. 18

In the symbol we see how the fate waves connect one life together with the 

following. Currently we live at the same time in the past, as well as the present 

and the future. Our actions today (the area in the middle under the triangle, the I) 

determines the quality of our future lives (green area) – just as our consciousness 

and organism today are the consequence of previous thoughts and actions. But we 

only come to experience the unpleasantness which we still can bear to inlict on 

others. The principle “The forgiveness of sins” is a true reality.

The physical organism is just a replaceable tool for the experience of life in the 

physical world. When this tool has been worn out – by natural or unnatural causes 

– it is no longer it for experiencing life and is replaced through the process we call 

death. Death is in reality a birth onto the spiritual plane, where we are recharged 

with light experiences and rest, until we again incarnate. There is no death on the 

spiritual plane.


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