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It requires time to develop from selishness and the survival instinct to the opposite 

– the loving, forgiving disposition. But the process occurs automatically as ”we reap 

what we sow”. The moral of killing leads to suffering for us ourselves which creates 

a longing after the contrast, the humane. In time there arises for the ideal of 

universal love and for an intellectual explanation.

The human kingdom

The purpose of The Third Testament’s eternal world picture is to guide humanity 

through the last stages of the transition from animal to human. We are on the point 

of being born into a new kingdom. Our intellect which was developed in the ight 

for existence makes it possible now to understand more and more advanced 

conceptions of ourselves and the world. With the harmonizing of heart and reason 

the ininite cosmic horizon of consciousness gradually opens up. We have then 

become ”inished human beings in God’s image”, and are dwellers in the true 

human kingdom (yellow), where universal love is practiced.

The spiritual kingdoms

From here the journey continues through the following eternal zones of love 

(green, blue and light indigo), where the eternal spiral cycle culminates in the 

contrast of light and happiness.

A universal world plan

The eternal world plan applies to large as well as to small beings. The physical 

universe is built up with life within life, upwards and downwards into ininity. 

Everything itts together beautifully like the cogwheels in a clock.

The universe’s myriad of living beings in micro- meso- and macrocosmos have all 

the same simple, eternal fundamental analysis. The outer differences just relect 

variations over life’s 6 principles of existence.

Our macrobeing, the Earth, is also on the way towards cosmic consciousness 

(the small star igure). Its ”cosmic birth” within the next 3000 years forms the 

transition to the perfect human kingdom, the kingdom of God on the Earth. 

Henceforth it is right and not might which settles all matters.


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