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all mental contrasts and ultimately derive advantage from them.

In the physical world contrast is created through darkness and unpleasantness.

In the spiritual world we experience the contrast through light and universal love.

The stage of life

This eternal experience happens via 6 principles of existence – the plant kingdom 

(red color), the animal kingdom (orange), the true human kingdom (yellow),

the kingdom of wisdom (green), the divine world (blue) and the kingdom of bliss 

(light indigo). Here occurs life’s eternal interaction between God (the white star 

and the radiating ield) and the sons of God (the outermost circle).

The plant kingdom

It is our satiation with the light and desire for contrast which leads us from the all- 

loving light zones to the physical world. The adaptation to life in the sphere of the 

killing principle begins in the plant kingdom. Here the new consciousness goes 

through its most primitive phase, having only the ability to faintly sense the 

difference between pleasant and unpleasant.

The animal kingdom

Nature’s effect on the plant being, over thousands of years, stimulates the 

creation of organs for day-consciousness experience on the physical plane. Thus

the plant being becomes an animal (orange). Adaptation to the killing principle

can clearly be noticed in the evolution from plant to animal organism with its attack 

and defense organs. The animal must either overcome or lee from its enemy.

Its organism constitutes food and it must therefore protect itself with all means. 

The instinct for self-preservation gets stimulated.

The transition from animal to human being

The terrestrial human being is still partly an animal and lives therefore still to a 

high degree under the animal conditions of life – might is right. Even though the 

humane world religions for thousands of years have stimulated human beings away 

from the use of the killing principle, the humane ability is still of a far younger 

date in evolution.


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