Page 10 - 3rd testament
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The three eternal principles, the Creator,

the creative ability and the created form an

indivisible principle, as is seen in the next symbol. 

With the eternal aspect combined with the temporal 

aspect we can begin to see the divine plan of creation.

The divine world plan

The eternal world picture

– the living being II, the eternal

Godhead and the eternal sons 

of God – Symbol No. 11

The eternal plan of creation

All living beings have, just as God, 

an eternal I, which survives every 

created thing. As we are immortal, 

we can take advantage of all our 

experiences – life after life. All 
experiences show themselves – in In
the inal reckoning – to be useful in
and beneicial for all and everyone.

The divine plan of creation unfolds itself as completely loving, logical and methodical.

The basic law of eternal life

To be able to create experience requires contrast. The greatest contrasts in life within 

consciousness are pleasure and pain or good and evil. To be able to experience the 

one, one must also experience the other. Seen from the perspective of eternity, 

pain and suffering are an unpleasant good. We survive, as already mentioned,


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