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of the trauma and will then hear your words telepathically or in written
form such as this book. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct except in understanding that the inconveniences

have begun.

Session #15

Questioner: Yesterday you stated that “the harvest is now. There is not at 

this time any reason to include eforts along this line of longevity, but rather 
to encourage eforts to seek the heart of self. This which resides clearly in 

the violet-ray energy ield will determine the harvest of the mind/body/spirit 

complex.” Could you tell us the best way to seek the heart of self?
Ra: I am Ra. We have given you this information in several wordings. 

However, we can only say the material for your understanding is the self:

the mind/body/spirit complex. You have been given information upon 
healing, as you call this distortion. This information may be seen in a more 

general context as ways to understand the self. The understanding, 

experiencing, accepting, and merging of self with self and other-self, and 
inally with the Creator, is the path to the heart of self. In each ininitesimal 

part of your self resides the One in all of Its power. Therefore, we can only 
encourage these lines of contemplation or prayer as a means of 

subjectively/objectively using or combining various understandings to 

enhance the seeking process. Without such a method of reversing the 
analytical process, one could not integrate into unity the many 

understandings gained in such seeking.

Questioner: I don’t mean to ask the same question twice, but there are 
some areas that I consider so important that possibly a greater 

understanding may be obtained if the answer is restated a number of times 

in other words. I thank you for your patience. Yesterday, you also
mentioned that when there was no harvest at the end of the last 25,000 year 

period, “there were harvestable entities who shall choose the manner of their 

entrance into the fourth density.” Could you tell me what you mean by
“they shall choose the manner of their entry into the fourth density”?

Ra: I am Ra. These shepherds, or, as some have called them, the “Elder 
Race,” shall choose the time/space of their leaving. They are unlikely to 

leave until their other-selves are harvestable also.

Questioner: What do you mean by their “other-selves” being harvestable? 
Ra: I am Ra. The other-selves with whom these beings are concerned are 

those which did not attain harvest during the second major cycle. 

Questioner: Could you tell me just a small amount of the history of what 
you call the Elder Race?

Ra: I am Ra. The question is unclear. Please restate.

Questioner: I ask this question because I have heard of the Elder Race 
before in a book, Road in the Sky, by George Hunt Williamson, and I was 

wondering if this Elder Race was the same that he talked about?

Ra: I am Ra. The question now resolves itself, for we have spoken
previously of the manner of decision-making which caused these entities to 

remain here upon the closing of the second major cycle of your current 
master cycle. There are some distortions in the descriptions of the one


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