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in better coniguration despite attack than previous workings.
To answer your query, this is incorrect only in that in addition to the 

mind/body/spirit complexes of third-density there are the artifacts, thought- 

and feelings which these co-Creators have produced. This is third-density.

Session #65

Questioner: How common in the universe is a mixed harvest from a planet 
of both positively and negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes?

Ra: I am Ra. Among planetary harvests which yield an harvest of 

mind/body/spirit complexes approximately 10% are negative; approximately 
60% are positive; and approximately 30% are mixed with nearly all harvest 

being positive. In the event of mixed harvest it is almost unknown for the 

majority of the harvest to be negative. When a planet moves strongly 
towards the negative there is almost no opportunity for harvestable positive 

Questioner: Can you tell me why there is almost no opportunity in that 


Ra: The ability to polarize positively requires a certain degree of self 

Questioner: Then as these inal days of the cycle transpire if the harvest 

were to occur now, today, it would have a certain number harvested 
positively and negatively and a certain number of repeaters. I am going to 

assume that because of the catalyst that will be experienced between now 

and the actual harvesting time these numbers of harvestable entities will 

Generally speaking, not particularly with respect to this planet but with 
respect to general experience in harvesting, how big an increase in 

harvestable entities can you logically assume will occur because of the 

catalyst that occurs in the inal period such as this one, or am I making a 
mistake in assuming that other planets have added catalyst at the end of a 

harvesting period when they have a mixed harvest?

Ra: I am Ra. In the event of mixed harvest there is nearly always 
disharmony and, therefore, added catalyst in the form of your so-called 

“Earth changes.” In this assumption you are correct.

It is the Confederation’s desire to serve those who may indeed seek more 
intensely because of this added catalyst. We do not choose to attempt to 

project the success of added numbers to the harvest for this would not be 

appropriate. We are servants. If we are called, we shall serve with all our 
strength. To count the numbers is without virtue.

Questioner: Now the added catalyst at the end of the cycle is a function 
speciically of the orientation of the consciousness that inhabits the planet. 

The consciousness has provided the catalyst for itself in orienting its 

thinking in the way it has oriented it, thus acting upon itself the same as 
catalyst of bodily pain and disease act upon the single mind/body/spirit 

complex. I made this analogy once before but reiterate it at this time to 

clarify my own thinking in seeing the planetary entity as somewhat of a


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