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galaxy and our planetary system spirals into the new position, the fourth- 

vibrations becoming more and more pronounced. These atomic

core vibrations begin to create, more and more completely, the fourth-density 
sphere and the fourth-density bodily complexes for inhabitation of

that sphere. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. To be corrected is the concept of the 

creation of green-ray density bodily complexes. This creation will be gradual 

and will take place beginning with your third-density type of physical
vehicle and, through the means of bisexual reproduction, become by 

evolutionary processes, the fourth-density body complexes.

Questioner: Then are these entities of whom we have spoken, the third-density 
harvestable who have been transferred, the ones who then will, by

bisexual reproduction, create the fourth-density complexes that are

Ra: I am Ra. The inluxes of true color green energy complexes will more

and more create the conditions in which the atomic structure of cells of

bodily complexes is that of the density of love. The mind/body/spirit 
complexes inhabiting these physical vehicles will be, and to some extent,

are, those of whom you spoke and, as harvest is completed, the harvested 
entities of this planetary inluence.

Questioner: Is there a clock-like face, shall I say, associated with the entire 

major galaxy so that as it revolves it carries all of these stars and planetary 
systems through transitions from density to density? Is this how it works?

Ra: I am Ra. You are perceptive. You may see a three-dimensional clock

face or spiral of endlessness which is planned by the Logos for this purpose. 
Questioner: I understand that the Logos did not plan for the heating efect

in our third-density transition into fourth. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct except for the condition of free will which is, of 
course, planned by the Logos as It, Itself, is a creature of free will. In this 

climate an ininity of events or conditions may occur. They cannot be said

to be planned by the Logos but can be said to have been freely allowed. 
Questioner: It would seem to me that the heating efect that takes place on

the planet is analogous to a disease in the body and would have as a root
cause the same or analogous mental coniguration. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct except that the spiritual coniguration as well as 

mental biases of your peoples has been responsible for these distortions of
the body complex of your planetary sphere.

Questioner: When the third-density goes out of activation and into 

potentiation that will leave us with a planet that is irst, second, and fourth- 

At that time there will be no activated third-density vibrations on

this planet. Am I correct in assuming that all third-density vibrations on
this planet now are those vibrations that compose the bodily complexes of 

entities such as we are; that that is the sum total of third-density vibrations

on this planet at this time?
Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working. This

instrument has energy left due to transfer but there is discomfort. We do
not wish to deplete this instrument. May we say that this instrument seems


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