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Questioner: Now as this transition continues into fourth-density activation, 
in order to inhabit this fourth-density sphere it will be necessary for all 

third-density physical bodies to go through the process which we refer to as 

death. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Are there any inhabitants at this time of this fourth-density 
sphere who have already gone through this process. Is it now being 


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct only in the very, shall we say, recent past. 
Questioner: I would assume that this population is from other planets since 

the harvesting has not yet occurred on this planet. It is from planets where 

the harvesting has already occurred. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Then are these entities visible to us? Could I see one of them? 

Would he walk upon our surface?
Ra: I am Ra. We have discussed this. These entities are in dual bodies at this 


Questioner: Sorry that I am so stupid on this, but this particular concept is 
very diicult for me to understand. It is something that I am afraid requires 

some rather dumb questions on my part to fully understand, and I don’t 
think I will ever fully understand it or even get a good grasp of it.

Then as the fourth-density sphere is activated there is heat energy being 

generated. I assume that this heat energy is generated on the third-density 
sphere only. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is quite correct. The experiential distortions of each 

dimension are discrete.
Questioner: Then at some time in the future the fourth-density sphere will 

be fully activated. What is the diference between full activation and partial 

activation for this sphere?
Ra: I am Ra. At this time the cosmic inluxes are conducive to true color 

green core particles being formed and material of this nature thus being 

formed. However, there is a mixture of the yellow-ray and green-ray 
environments at this time necessitating the birthing of transitional 

mind/body/spirit complex types of energy distortions. At full activation of 
the true color green density of love the planetary sphere will be solid and 

inhabitable upon its own and the birthing that takes place will have been 

transformed through the process of time, shall we say, to the appropriate 
type of vehicle to appreciate in full the fourth-density planetary 

environment. At this nexus the green-ray environment exists to a far greater 

extent in time/space than in space/time.
Questioner: Could you describe the diference that you are speaking of with 

respect to time/space and space/time?

Ra: I am Ra. For the sake of your understanding we will use the working 
deinition of inner planes. There is a great deal of subtlety invested in this 

sound vibration complex, but it, by itself, will perhaps fulill your present 

Questioner: I will make this statement and have you correct me. What we 

have is, as our planet is spiraled by the spiraling action of the entire major


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