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according to the necessity of third-density mind/body/spirit complex 

We may respond to the heart of your question by noting that the purpose of 

such combined activation of mind/body/spirit complexes is that such
entities, to some extent, conscientiously are aware of those fourth-density 

understandings which third-density is unable to remember due to the 
forgetting. Thus fourth-density experience may be begun with the added 

attraction to an entity oriented toward service-to-others of dwelling in a 

troubled third-density environment and ofering its love and compassion. 
Questioner: Would the purpose in transitioning to Earth prior to the

complete changeover then be for the experience to be gained here before the 

harvesting process?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. These entities are not Wanderers in the sense

that this planetary sphere is their fourth-density home planet. However, the 

experience of this service is earned only by those harvested third-density 
entities which have demonstrated a great deal of orientation towards service- 


others. It is a privilege to be allowed this early an incarnation as there is
much experiential catalyst in service to other-selves at this harvesting. 

Questioner: There are many children now who have demonstrated the
ability to bend metal mentally which is a fourth-density phenomenon.

Would most of these children, then, be the type of entity of which we

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Is the reason that they can do this and the ifth-density 

Wanderers who are here cannot do it the fact that they have the fourth-density 
body in activation?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Wanderers are third-density activated in 

mind/body/spirit and are subject to the forgetting which can only be 
penetrated with disciplined meditation and working.

Questioner: I am assuming that the reason for this is, irst, since the entities 

of harvestable third-density who very recently have been coming here are 
coming here late enough so that they will not afect the polarization

through their teachings. They are not infringing upon the irst distortion 
because they are children now and they won’t be old enough to really afect 

any of the polarization until the transition is well advanced. However, the 

Wanderers who have come here are older and have a greater ability to afect 
the polarization. They must do their afecting as a function of their ability

to penetrate the forgetting process in order to be within the irst distortion.

Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is quite correct.

Questioner: It would seem to me that some of the harvestable third-density 

entities are, however, relatively old since I know of some individuals who
can bend metal who are over 50 years old and some others over 30. Would 

there be other entities who could bend metal for other reasons than having 

dual activated bodies?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Any entity who, by accident or by careful

design, penetrates intelligent energy’s gateway may use the shaping powers 
of this energy.


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