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Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working. There is energy 
but the distortions of the instrument suggest to us it would be well to 

shorten this working with your permission.

Questioner: Yes.
Ra: You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths. There is

red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color
vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth. During

the fourth-density experience, due to the lack of development of fourth-density 

entities, the third-density planetary sphere is not useful for
habitation since the early fourth-density entity will not know precisely how 

to maintain the illusion that fourth-density cannot be seen or determined 

from any instrumentation available to any third-density.
Thus in fourth-density the red, orange, and green energy nexi of your 

planet will be activated while the yellow is in potentiation along with the 

blue and the indigo.

Session #63

Questioner: I would like to continue with the questions about the fact that 

in fourth-density the red, orange, and green energies will be activated; 

yellow, blue, etc. being in potentiation. Right now, we have green energies 
activated. They have been activated for the last 45 years. I am wondering 

about the transition through this period so that the green is totally activated 

and the yellow is in potentiation. What will we lose as the yellow goes from 
activation into potentiation, and what will we gain as green comes into total 

activation, and what is the process?

Ra: I am Ra. It is misleading to speak of gains and losses when dealing with 
the subject of the cycle’s ending and the green-ray cycle beginning upon 

your sphere. It is to be kept in the forefront of the faculties of intelligence 
that there is one creation in which there is no loss. There are progressive 

cycles for experiential use by entities. We may now address your query.

As the green-ray cycle or the density of love and understanding begins to 
take shape the yellow-ray plane or Earth which you now enjoy in your 

dance will cease to be inhabited for some period of your space/time as the 

space/time necessary for fourth-density entities to learn their ability to 
shield their density from that of third is learned. After this period there will 

come a time when third-density may again cycle on the yellow-ray sphere. 

Meanwhile there is another sphere, congruent to a great extent with yellow 
ray, forming. This fourth-density sphere coexists with irst, second, and 

third. It is of a denser nature due to the rotational core atomic aspects of its 

material. We have discussed this subject with you.
The fourth-density entities which incarnate at this space/time are fourth- 

in the view of experience but are incarnating in less dense vehicles

due to desire to experience and aid in the birth of fourth-density upon this 

You may note that fourth-density entities have a great abundance of 


Questioner: At present we have, in third-density incarnation on this plane,


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