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As you work toward higher levels of consciousness, you will find that you 

have always had enough to be happy. It is the patterns in your head that 

make you unhappy, although you usually blame the people and conditions 

outside you for your unhappiness. Your journey into higher consciousness 
can enable you to be loving, peaceful, wise, and free of a constant barrage of 

unpleasant emotional feelings.

Living Love offers you four advantages in your adventure into higher 


1. For many people it can be one of the most powerful and rapid ways for 

growth into higher consciousness that has ever been available to mankind.

2. It does not require you to detach yourself from your present life. Living 

Love can be used most effectively if you stay with your present business, 

personal life, and other conditions until you have grown to a high enough 

state of consciousness to be fully perceptive of the arbitrary mores, 

folkways, and social roles you are guarding and living out.

3. Once you thoroughly understand the system, it is not essential to have a 

teacher for continuing your growth. Your life will be your best teacher, for 

you will discover that you are always putting yourself into learning 

situations that are ideal for your growth. The programming that you most 

need to change has an unerring way of putting you into life situations that 

can make you aware of the exact inner work you should be doing.

4. When you use the Living Love Way to find the love, inner peace, wisdom, 

and effectiveness of higher consciousness, your inner work on yourself 

immediately adds to your enjoyment of life. With the Living Love Way, 

happiness is not a distant goal -- it is an ever-growing part of your here 

and now.

Think of the energy you now put into the up-and-down hour-by-hour coping 

with your feelings while you continually try to rearrange the people and 

situations in your life so that you can then be loving, serene, effective, and 

happy. And yet year by year your quest for happiness is as elusive as finding 

the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Since almost everyone around you 

seems to be having similar trouble in becoming a happy, loving being, you 

may have lowered your standards and decided that continuous happiness is 
probably not realistic.

The Living Love Way invites you to set the highest imaginable standards of 

love, serenity, peace, wisdom, effectiveness, and continuous happiness for

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