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Chapter 1

Why This Book Was Written For Us

“Most of us,” said the cosmic humorist, “go through life not knowing what 

we want, but feeling damned sure this isn’t it.”

Over 99% of the people in the western world live on lower consciousness 

levels characterized by trying to find enough security, sex, “groovy” 

sensations, ego rushes, prestige, money, power, and status. This endless 

struggle yields lives of constant resentment, worry, suspicion, anger, jealousy, 

shyness, and fear. Everything people tell themselves they must do to be 

happy ends up yielding more frustration than joy. The more successful a 

person is in making money, collecting skills and possessions, developing 

exciting sexual relationships, acquiring knowledge and degrees, and achieving 

positions of status, power, and prestige, the less loving, peaceful, and 

contented he may find himself or herself.

And yet it is not these things in and of themselves that create an unhappy life 

-- it is the internal mental addiction or desire for them that minute-by-minute 

keeps one from enjoying life. Addictions (or emotion-backed demands) bring 

fear of non-fulfillment; jealousy that someone may steal our source of 

fulfillment; anger when someone thwarts us; cynicism if constantly 

undersupplied; paranoia if constantly threatened; boredom if we’re making no 

progress toward satisfying our addictions; worry if we can’t see a steady 

supply; anxiety if we’re worried about being worried; and unhappiness when 

the outside world does not supply us with whatever it is we are addicted to. 

Since the nature of life is such that we win some and lose some, an addicted 

person has no chance of living a happy, loving, peaceful, conscious, wise and 

effective life. And the addictive programming is not necessary to find and 

enjoy that which we prefer in life.

You are ready for growth into the happiness of higher consciousness when 

you realize the utter futility of trying to live a beautiful life by your efforts to 

rearrange or change the world of people and things outside of you to fit your 

addictions and desires. You will find you have only to rearrange your own 
personal, automatically programmed responses to life situations -- most of 

which are childhood hangups.

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