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is capable of handling two million visual inputs and one hundred thousand 

auditory inputs at any one time. Your biocomputer operates continually 

throughout all of its parts and is capable of making millions of simultaneous 

computations. It operates with enormous power primarily on unconscious 
levels -- with only a tiny proportion of its activity rising to the level of 

consciousness. The conscious level of your biocomputer is analogous to the 

print-out of the man-made computers. Your journey into higher 

consciousness is a matter of your learning how to properly program your 

remarkable biocomputer. When you really learn to operate your exquisite 

mechanism, you will be able to fully realize your potential for a happy life.

A wonderful thing about life is that it is naturally good. Life is set up to work 

-- to produce love, fulfillment, and happiness continuously. However, various 

situations during your first years of life conditioned you in the methods of 

consciousness which continually generate unhappiness in your life. Yet every 

current experience can aid you in your growth toward higher consciousness if 

you know how to use it.

This Handbook will explain how you have been creating the experiences that 

you have. It will show you exactly what to do to break out of the traps in 

your mind that are the cause of all the unhappiness that you have experienced 

in your life! When you apply the Methods in the Handbook you will be able 

to turn your life around. The continuous experience of love, serenity, 

happiness, joy, effectiveness, perceptiveness, and wisdom that you have had 

only in bits and pieces can now be available to you all of the time.

You will learn how to experience the world as a friendly, loving place that has 

been designed to give you everything that you need. You will develop a 

“miraculous” quality in your life. Beautiful things will happen so 

continuously that you can no longer ascribe it to mere “coincidence.” You 

will experience that you can create more love, happiness, and serenity than 

you need for living a thoroughly fulfilled and enjoyable life.

While this was certainly not your intention, you will become aware of how 

you have been turning yourself off to the energies of the world around you. 

Your mind has been programmed to process incoming visual, auditory, and 

other information in ways that continuously alienate and separate you from 
people. You will realize that you have been unconscious of what you have 

been doing to yourself. it is as though you have been born with eyes that see 

only with great distortion -- but which give the illusion of seeing sharply and 

clearly. This handbook will help you become aware that the only real

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