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nervous systems that are automatically structured to produce instant insights 

that facilitate love and oneness. But that doesn’t help you and me. We need 

the Living Love Way to show us how to live in higher consciousness as soon 

as possible -- to override our jungle programming so that we can enjoy living 
here and now.

We have escaped from the domination of instincts (inflexible unlearned 

behavior) that guides animals through their daily life situations. Since the 

young human is not provided with a full repertoire of automatic fixed 

responses, we are unable to independently cope with life for a number of 

years after birth. This long period of plasticity and openness to learning 

complex life guidance patterns helps us avoid fixed preprogrammed behavior. 

For example, this long nurturing period lets us learn complex language 

systems -- and our flexibility is such that we can learn to communicate in 

Swahili as easily as in English or any other language.

Instead of a complete pattern of animal-type instincts to provide survival 

responses to life situations, the young child uses ego mechanisms backed by 

hair-trigger emotions to develop security, sensation, and power magnification 

of the moment-to-moment sensory inputs. Our personal development into 

fulfilling, happy lives (as well as the progression of civilization beyond the 

dangerous power consciousness) depends on our getting free of our ego- 

backed, subject-object, me-them, security-sensation-power hang-ups.

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