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there is a programming that you can use to create continuous enjoyment

and happiness in your life.

3. In the third stage of learning to use the Pathways, you find that as soon

as you are aware of any uncomfortable feelings, such as fear, anger, 
jealousy, grief, etc., you can pinpoint which of the Pathways you are 

violating. By thus engaging your rational mind and interpreting your 

experience by using a Pathway, you find that you progressively cut down 

on the period of unconsciousness in which you are a slave to your older, 

lower consciousness programming. In the third stage it may take several 

hours for you to dispel the negative emotions you are experiencing, But 

you now begin to find that the amount of time that you are upset is being 

gradually reduced so that you experience negative emotions only for a 

period of minutes, or even seconds. You can still trigger negative 

emotional feelings, but you are getting free from them faster and faster.

In the fourth stage, you find that if someone does something you do not 
like, you may start to get angry, but at that same instant one or two 

Pathways flash into your consciousness. These give you an insight which 

does not allow the anger response to develop. You experience an 

increasing freedom. Your ability to love, accept, and interact flowingly 

with other people increases enormously.

5. At the fifth stage, you have eliminated all of the lower consciousness 

programming which triggered your negative emotional responses. You 

simply respond to whatever is happening here and now by using one of the 

Pathways (either consciously or unconsciously) in interpreting what is 

happening. You may be aware that you used to get angry or jealous in

this type of situation, but the feeling of anger or jealousy is no longer 

triggered. You realize that you are the master of your mind, for you have 

determined the programming with which you want your mind to operate. 

This is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do.

As soon as you begin to use the Twelve Pathways in your everyday life 

situations, you will find that your life takes on a beautiful new dimension. 

Things that were previously nagging problems now become vital experiences 

that you confidently use in the important job of reprogramming your 

biocomputer. You are beginning to realize that everything that happens to you 

is really perfect, for you experience either happiness -- because it fits the 

patterns of the programming of your biocomputer -- or you experience the 
beginning of a negative emotion which is giving you a welcomed opportunity 

to work on reprogramming your biocomputer so that you will not have this 

problem in the future.

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