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magnificent biocomputer has been operating from “garbage-type” 

programming. When you see yourself consciously and clearly, you realize 

that you are perfect -- your only problem is to change some of the 

programming from which you are operating.

Your ego also plays a crucial part in the operation of your biocomputer.

Based on past pleasure and pain programming, your ego selects which of the 

thousands of programs will be used to generate your feelings and experience 

of what is happening. Your ego is like a master controller that directs which 

emotional feelings will be triggered (joy, pleasure, anger, grief, fear, 

disappointment, irritation, etc.) Your ego also chooses exactly what will be 

projected onto the screen of your consciousness. You are aware only of what 

your ego permits you to be aware of. When your ego is busy reacting to the 

people and things around you from the lower three Centers of Consciousness, 

your primary awareness will be focused on what you desire and what you fear 

-- thereby creating in you the feeling of an urgent priority. Most of these 

lower consciousness programs represent the urgent priorities you had at the 

age of two years old. Until you reprogram and change these inappropriate 

childhood programs, you will continually turn off the energy of the world 

around you that you need in order to live in a beautiful world of higher 


There are five stages in learning to use these Pathways. Each stage enables 

you to be progressively more aware of how these Pathways produce beautiful 

and sometimes “miraculous” changes in your life.

1. In the first stage, you are unaware of the Pathways. You are 

unconsciously playing out the drama of your life. You are going through 

your daily patterns of desiring and rejecting people and things in a 

mechanical and unconscious way.

2. In the second stage, when something happens or when someone says 

something that you don’t like, you upset yourself even though you are 

aware of the Twelve Pathways. You are beginning to see how they can 

make your life work when you use them at the programming level where 

they will facilitate your interpretation of the here and now. However, you 

are still susceptible to your old programming which makes you 

automatically angry if someone criticizes you or automatically afraid if 
someone triggers your security addictions. The great thing about this 

second stage is that you are becoming aware of the lower consciousness 

programming that your tend to automatically run off, and you realize that

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