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Ken Keyes Jr.


Millions of years ago when our animal ancestors had to survive in the jungle, 

it was necessary to have an instantly effective fight or flight mechanism. 

When a tiger was about to spring, an automatic emotional response was a life 

saver. A nervous shock was needed to squirt adrenalin into the blood so that 

muscles became jet powered. Emotional alarms were needed to command 

full attention. When a tiger was ready to jump, there was no time to admire 

the beautiful sunset. As a jungle survival mechanism, our animal ancestors 

were programmed for automatic duality -- automatic feelings of otherness, 

threat, and paranoia. Survival required instant domination of consciousness 

to meet the perils of the jungle.

We are the pioneers in the evolution of human consciousness. It was only 
about 10,000 years ago that our ancestors built the first cities. As civilization 

grew, survival no longer depended on the instant fight or flight of the jungle. 

Survival and happiness now depend on tuning in to the overall situation 

involving ourselves, the people around us, and the total environment of the 

here and now. Perceptiveness, wisdom, and oneness are now the ingredients 

of effective and happy living. But our biocomputers are still programmed for 

jungle fight or flight -- for a fast release of adrenalin into the blood stream, 

and for rapid heartbeat -- for automatic anger and fear. In our social 

interactions, our consciousness magnifies molehills and makes them into 

mountains -- and this constant distortion destroys our energy, our insight, and 

our ability to love.

Thus survival in the jungle meant that we had to be programmed for instant 

paranoia -- instant fear -- instant anger -- instant perception of duality. 

Survival in our world today means that we must have instant perceptions of 

oneness -- of love -- of compassion with everyone and understanding of 

everything around us. When we learn to cut through our paranoid jungle 

programming, we are on our way to higher consciousness and happiness.

Evolution is now working to remedy this primitive jungle alarm wiring in our 

brain that tends to hold us on lower consciousness levels. Paranoid, dualistic 

individuals who cannot love themselves and others tend to get heart trouble, 

ulcers, other psychosomatic diseases, are accident-prone, etc. Perhaps in 

100,000 years, through the ruthless survival of the fittest, humans may have

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